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Our Little Gem Program is a complete dance class designed to create a fun dance experience for children. It is designed to introduce core elements of movement, creativity & structure to create a strong and solid foundation for future dancers.


Recreational classes are for those students who do not wish to participate in competitions throughout the year. Here at Coastal Edge we offer Jazz/Tap/Ballet/Acro and Hip hop/Breakdancing classes that students may take for recreational FUN!!!! All of our recreational dancers will be in our Year End show!!!!

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Competitive classes are for those parents of students wanting their child to participate in 2-3 competitions throughout the year. Here at Coastal Edge we highly encourage and teach dedication, passion, respect and commitment to all our competitive dancers in class and on stage. All Competitive Students MUST take one of CEDC’s Dance Camps in the summer in order to maintain their technique, Flexibility, Strength and Endurance.


Coastal Edge provides learning the basic foundation of the traditional acrobatic tricks. These techniques focus on strength, control, balance and flexibility. CONTORTION – Beginner through advanced classes in contortion are offered.  This is the extreme form of acrobatics, It emphasizes incredible flexibility and strength using hand, elbow, and chin balances as well as overstretched/contorted poses.



Do you have past dance experience? Would you like to continue and keep up your skills, flexibility and technique? Come join us!


Here at Coastal Edge our adult program is not only FUN, but very important to us. Whether or not you have never put on a dance shoe in your life or you have been dancing all your life, we will make sure you get the most out of your class. We offer both beginner and advanced level classes throughout the week, as well as our 6 week surprise dance style program throughout the year. We also welcome adults who wish to compete throughout the year at 1 or 2 competitions during the season.

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